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5 October 2006

Further to my words on the death of Bruce Gary:

I first met Bruce Gary outside the Record Plant in Los Angeles during the recording sessions of what eventually became "Out of the Storm."  He stormed up to me and Pete Brown and said, "Jack, I am your drummer.  I know every song you've ever recorded."   He gave us a lift up the hill to the Riot House Hotel and didn't stop talking for a second. This was typical of Bruce.

Anyway the upshot was that I told him vaguely to come and see me at my house in England, never thinking he would.  A few weeks after my return to England a knock on my front door announced the arrival of Mr Gary.  I was surprised and pleased and he stayed for four months eating us out of house and home!

Musically it was a very fruitful time and we spent many hours and days in my studio practising being a rhythm section.

Bruce's technique was amazing and he could play as much with one bass drum as most other drummers could with at least two!

He remained my friend till the end of his life and it is difficult for me to believe he won't be on the phone to me soon (usually when I was trying to finish a complicated sauce or serve a meal for nine people!)  We were talking just days before he died about working together again and I wanted him to come to England to help me to archive my recordings, something he had a great talent for.  This won't happen now and I do regret not spending more time with him.

Isn't it always the way.

I was very lucky that I was able to be with him at the Grammies and Simon Philips and Brucie and myself had a great time.

26 August 2006

I am so terribly sad to have to announce the death of my very close friend and colleague, fantastic drummer Bruce Gary. I have only just found out today , Saturday August 26, as I am on holiday. He succumbed to cancer last Tuesday in Los Angeles. I am in a state of shock and great sadness at this tragic news as I had been speaking to him up until very recently and  I beg your indulgence to allow me to write a fuller, more appreciative piece, on my return home. For the moment just let me say that I will miss him greatly.


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