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A Very Young JB

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With Cream

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Again with Cream

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The Marquee Club, London
16 August 1966 (photo: Henry Björklund)

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BBC Top of the Pops

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The Royal Albert Hall, London
26 November 1968

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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Induction Ceremony, 1993

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Live Cream

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In the Park


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Jack, c.1970

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All Blues

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3 Wheels of Fire

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Are you looking at me?

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Early Cream

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There's a Forest

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Early Live Cream

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Lean On Me

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With a Hearse

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Madison Square Garden, 1968

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In the Park

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"Live" on the Smothers Brothers Show

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Top of the Pops

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Farewell Concert


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Royal Albert Hall

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Pete Brown, c.1968