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Photos from Yoshi's Oakland, February 2011: Spectrum Road,
featuring Jack Bruce (vocals/bass), Vernon Reid (guitar), John Medeski
(organ), and Cindy Blackman (drums).  Also featuring special guest
Carlos Santana (guitar).

Courtesy of Jerome Brunet Photography.





Photos from the Blue Note New York City, January 2011: Spectrum Road,
featuring Jack Bruce (vocals/bass), Vernon Reid (guitar), John Medeski
(organ), and Cindy Blackman (drums). 

Courtesy of Arnie Goodman/Blue Storm Music.
Additional photos available at Arnie Goodman's gallery.



Photos from 28 February 2009: Jack Bruce, Robin Trower and Gary Husband
at the Concertgebouw De Vereeniging in Nijmegen, Netherlands
(courtesy of Marco Van Rooijen and Bluesmagazine.nl):

Robin Trower Jack Gary Husband

Clappy Jack BTH


Robin Trower


Photos from 17 May 2007
Opening of the JACK BRUCE ZONE at the
Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama:
with Natascha Eleonoré

RSAMD JB 02.jpg (218522 bytes)

Jack at RSAMD

RSAMD JB 06.jpg (261020 bytes)

Jack & Natascha

RSAMD JB 07.jpg (204540 bytes)

Natascha Eleonoré



Photos from 12 December 2001, NYC:
Jack Bruce & The Cuicoland Express

Climbing2.jpg (776220 bytes)


JackSings.jpg (274190 bytes)

Jack at BB King's

JackSings2.jpg (570471 bytes)

Jack Sings

JackVernonJam.jpg (184689 bytes)

Jack & Vernon

NixonJack.jpg (261847 bytes)

Jack Milhouse Bruce

UpClose2.jpg (786485 bytes)

Up Close

KeyboardsBBKing.JPG (119105 bytes)

Jack & Bernie's Purple Knee

TheBand_RandomGuy_andGlareSpot.jpg (635454 bytes)

The Cuicoland Express

JimiBruce.JPG (355063 bytes)

Jimi Bruce


Photos from the UK 2001 shows:

100-0055_IMG.JPG (512359 bytes)

Jack & The Band

100-0074_IMG.JPG (586661 bytes)


jack_alfredo_bernie.jpg (73471 bytes)

Jack, Alfredo & Bernie


Some photos from the Walk Down Abbey Road 2002 tour,
courtesy of Bob Fritsch:

JACK BRUCE ©RWF 2002 07.jpg (143425 bytes) JACK BRUCE ©RWF 2002 08.jpg (178298 bytes) JACK BRUCE ©RWF 2002 01.jpg (153513 bytes) JACK BRUCE ©RWF 2002 02.jpg (132659 bytes)
JACK BRUCE ©RWF 2002 03.jpg (156608 bytes) JACK BRUCE ©RWF 2002 04.jpg (142066 bytes) JACK BRUCE ©RWF 2002 05.jpg (170146 bytes)

JACK BRUCE ©RWF 2002 06.jpg (155579 bytes)
    jack_bruce.jpg (44502 bytes)

norweigan_wood.jpg (67742 bytes)


At the Mohegan Sun.  Photos courtesy of Paula Wesson.

JackBruceMS1.jpg (185906 bytes)
JackBruceMS2.jpg (132230 bytes)
JackBruceMS3.jpg (152079 bytes)
Todd3.jpg (161140 bytes)
Todd Rundgren