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At His Best (1973)



Track List

  1. Never Tell Your Mother
    She's Out of Tune
  2. Morning Story
  3. Theme For an Imaginary Western
  4. Post War
  5. Tickets To Waterfalls
  6. Folk Song
  7. You Burned the Tables On
  8. He the Richmond
  9. Victoria Sage
  10. A Letter of Thanks
  11. The Clearout
  12. HCKHH Blues
  13. Boston Ball Game, 1967
  14. Rope Ladder To The Moon
  15. Weird Of Hermiston
  16. Smiles & Grins
  17. To Isengard
  18. The Consul at Sunset
  19. Can You Follow?




















At His Best is a compilation of songs from the albums Songs for a Tailor, Things We Like, and Harmony Row.  Released on LP in the UK by RSO, # 2659 024.