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Automatic (1983)




Track List

  1. A Boogie
  2. Uptown Break
  3. Travlin' Child
  4. New World
  5. Make Love (Part II)
  6. Green & Blue
  7. The Swarm
  8. Encore
  9. Automatic Pilot


Digital Jack

Cover of the original 1983 Intercord release (Germany)















Washin' the World Go Round

Cover of the 1987 re-release by President's Records, UK. Tracks on this release were reordered and renamed:  Make Love (Part II), Uptown Breakdown, Travelling Child, New World, E. Boogie, Green & Blue, Swarm, Encore, Automatic Pilot.









Recorded by Jack Bruce & Ike Nossel at the Britannia Row Recording Studios, London.  Printed in West Germany.  Sleeve  design: Gunther Illi / P.Hirlinger.  Gratitude and love to Bruce Gary / Tony Hymas / Sarah / Margrit and all at Park Gates ICC and Britannia Row.

All songs by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown, except for Uptown Breakdown and Green & Blues, by Jack Bruce.

All tracks published by Edward Kassner Music Co Ltd.