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Cities of the Heart (1993)



Disc One:

  1. Can You Follow? (Bruce/Brown)
  2. Running Thro' Our Hands (Bruce/Brown)
  3. Over the Cliff (Bruce)
  4. Statues (Bruce)
  5. First Time I Met the Blues (B. Guy)
  6. Smiles & Grins (Bruce/Brown)
  7. Bird Alone (Bruce/Brown)
  8. Neighbor, Neighbor (Alton/J. Valler)
  9. Born Under a Bad Sign (Jones/Bell)

Disc Two:

  1. Ships in the Night (Bruce/Brown)
  2. Never Tell your Mother She's Out of Tune (Bruce/Brown)
  3. Theme for an Imaginary Western (Bruce/Brown)
  4. Golden Days (Bruce/Brown)
  5. Life On Earth (Bruce)
  6. NSU (Bruce)
  7. Sitting On Top of the World
    (C. Burnett)
  8. Politician (Bruce/Brown)
  9. Spoonful (W. Dixon)
  10. Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown)


Cities of the Heart














Jack's Back


"The 50th Birthday Concerts"

Produced by Jack Bruce with Kurt Renker & Walter Quintus.

Recorded by C. Beatty & D. Colvin live at E-Werk, Cologne, November 2 & 3, mixed by Walter Quintus at Ztudio Zerkall, Germany.

















Jack Bruce:
Vocals, bass, piano

Maggie Reilly: Vocals

Gary "Mudbone" Cooper: Vocals, percussion

Gary Moore: Guitar, vocals

Clem Clempson: Guitars

Dick Heckstall-Smith: Saxophones

Art Themen: Saxophone

Henry Lowther: Trumpet

John Mumford: Trombone

Bernie Worrell: Keyboards

Jonas Bruce: Piano, Keyboards

Malcolm Bruce: Acoustic guitar, keyboards

François Garny: Bass

Ginger Baker: Drums

Simon Phillips: Drums

Gary Husband:Drums, keyboards

Pete Brown: Vocals, percussion

Kip Hanrahan: Himself