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How's Tricks (1976)



Track List

  1. Without a Word (Bruce/Brown)(RM 110K)
  2. Johnny B'77 (Bruce/Brown)
  3. Times (Bruce/Brown/Burns)
  4. Baby Jane (Burns)
  5. Lost Inside a Song (Bruce/Brown/Burns)
  6. How's Tricks (Bruce/Brown)(RM 102K)
  7. Madhouse (Bruce/Brown)
  8. Waiting for the Call (Bruce/Brown)
  9. Outsiders (Bruce/Brown)
  10. Something to Live For (Hymas/Brown)
  11. * Without a Word (alternate)
  12. * Something to Live For (alternate)

* Available on the Universal Records 2003 CD  re-release


How's Tricks?















What Kicks! 

Produced by Bill Halverson.

Recorded October - December 1976 at the Manor Studios.









Jack Bruce:
Bass, harmonica, lead vocals

Hughie Burns: Guitars, lead vocal (4)

Tony Hymas: Keyboards, vibraphone, vocals

Simon Phillips: Drums, glockenspiel, vocals

All music by Jack Bruce.  All words by Pete Brown.  Published by Bruce Music/Toneshire Music except:

Times and Lost Inside a Song written by Jack Bruce, Pete Brown, and Hughie Burns.  Published by Bruce Music Ltd./Warner Chappell/R&R Ltd./Toneshire Ltd.

Baby Jane written by Hughie Burns.  Published by Warner Chappell/R&R Ltd.

Something to Live For written by Tony Hymas and Pete Brown.  Pubished by Copyright Control/Toneshire Ltd.