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I've Always Wanted to Do This (1980)



Track List

  1. Hit and Run (Bruce/Brown)
  2. Running Back (Sancious/Clempson/Bell)
  3. Facelift 318 (Bruce/Brown)
  4. In This Way (Sancious/Brown)
  5. Mickey the Fiddler (Bruce/Hart)
  6. Dancing on Air (Bruce/Brown)
  7. Livin' Without Ja (Bruce/Brown)
  8. Wind and the Sea (Cobham)
  9. Out to Lunch (Clepmson/Bell)
  10. Bird Alone (Bruce/Brown)



Dancing On Air















David, Clem, Jack & Billy 









Jack Bruce:
Bass, harp, vocals

Clem Clempson: Guitars

Billy Cobham: Percussion

David Sancious: Keyboards, guitars (7, 9)

Produced by Jack Bruce in association with Clem Clempson, Billy Cobham, and David Sancious.

Engineer Associate Producer: Stephan Galfas