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Live on the Old Grey Whistle Test (1998)




Track List

  1. Can You Follow? (Bruce/Brown)
  2. Morning Story (Bruce/Brown)
    (RM 214K)
  3. Keep It Down (Bruce/Brown)
  4. Pieces of Mind (Bruce/Brown)
  5. One (Bruce/Brown)
  6. Spirit (Tony Williams)
  7. Smiles and Grins (Bruce/Brown)(RM 140K)
  8. White Room (Bruce/Brown)
  9. Hit and Run (Bruce/Brown)
  10. Slow Blues (Bruce)
  11. Livin' Without Ja (Bruce)(RM 236K)
  12. Dancing On Air (Bruce/Brown)
  13. In This Way (Brown/Sancious)
  14. Theme for an Imaginary Western (Bruce/Brown)
  15. Politician (Bruce/Brown)

Kodak Jack
















Jack on Back

Produced by Michael Appleton.

Directed by Tom Corcoran.









Track 1: Jack Bruce, vocals and piano.

Tracks 2-7: Jack Bruce, vocals, bass, and piano;  Mick Taylor, guitar;  Carla Bley, Hammond organ and synthesisers;  Ronnie Leahy, piano and synthesiser;  Bruce Gary, drums.

Tracks 8, 9, 12, 13:  Jack Bruce, vocals, bass, and piano;  Clem Clmpson, guitar and harmony vocals;  David Sancious, guitar;  Billy Cobham, drums.

Track 15:  Jack Bruce, vocals and keyboards;  David Sancious, guitar;  Clem Clempson, bass;  Billy Cobham, drums.

Tracks 1-7 recorded in 1975.  Tracks 8-15 recorded in 1981.