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All Quiet in Cuicoland: The 1999
New York City Sessions



Jack has done it again.  During November and early  December 1999, he was toiling in Manhattan studios, recording tracks for a promising new album.  The project, tentatively titled All Quiet in Cuicoland, is a Jack Bruce solo effort done in collaboration with co-producer Kip Hanrahan.  Kip's rhythm players perfectly complement Jack's extraordinary bass playing and exquisite vocals, lending Jack's already unique compositions a modern, Latin tinge. 

Special guest artists include Jack's son Malcolm, Doctor John, Gary Moore, Vernon Reid, Changito and many others.  The new album is a fine work drawing on diverse musical influences and legendary talents.  Jack's voice is in top shape.  His new compositions range in style from classic, Willie Dixon inspired blues to the subtle and gentle beauty that reflect his growing introspective approach to songwriting.

Jack & Malcolm Bruce

Jack and Malcolm Bruce














Kip Hanrahan

Kip Hanrahan




Jack composed literally dozens of new pieces in preparation for the new album.  From these, Jack and Kip selected some ten gems for inclusion.  In addition, Jack re-invented a half dozen previous compositions, including classics he wrote during his days with Cream, West, Bruce & Laing, and selections from his solo albums Songs for a Tailor and I've Always Wanted to Do This.


Below are some photographs from the sessions, taken by Jack and the Webmaster.





Malcolm_&_Jack_B.jpg (75298 bytes)

Jack and his son Malcolm

D_&_J_2.jpg (70606 bytes)

Jack with Derek
(The Webmaster)

D&J_in_Cuicoland.jpg (32551 bytes)

Jack & Derek at the Studio

JBpose.jpg (35256 bytes)



Kip_Hanrahan.jpg (73241 bytes)

Kip Hanrahan

Kip_Smiles.jpg (16280 bytes)

Kip at the Studio

D&Malcolm.jpg (32690 bytes)

Derek & Malcolm


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El_Negro.jpg (68100 bytes)

El Negro Horacio Hernandez


Andy_Gonzales.jpg (89351 bytes)

Bassist Andy Gonzalez


Chang,_Robbie$_Negro.jpg (100595 bytes)

Chang, Robby Ameen & El Negro


Alfredo_Triff_2.jpg (97989 bytes)

Alfredo Triff


Richie_Flores.jpg (81989 bytes)

Richie Flores


Vernon_Reid.jpg (95412 bytes)

Vernon Reid

Fausty.jpg (12934 bytes)

Chief Sound Engineer Jon Fausty












Shadows in the Air - Earlier Version

An earlier version of the album cover.