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Monkjack (1995)



Track List

  1. The Food (Bruce/Hanrahan)(RM 109K)
  2. The Boy (Bruce/Hart)
  3. Shouldn't We? (Bruce)
  4. David's Harp
    (RM 55K)
  5. Time Repairs (Bruce/Brown)
  6. Laughing on Music Street (Bruce/Brown)
  7. Know One Blues (Bruce)(RM 114K)
  8. Folk Song (Bruce/Brown)
  9. Weird of Hermiston (Bruce/Brown)
  10. Tightrope (Bruce/Hart)
  11. Third Degree (Boyd/Dixon)
  12. Immortal Ninth (Bruce)

















Jack and Bernie









 Jack Bruce: Voice and Piano

Bernie Worrell: Hammond B3 Organ

Produced by Jack Bruce with Kurt Renker & Walter Quintus

Recorded May 1995 at Ztudio Zerkall, Germany by Walter Quintus