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Out of the Storm (1974)



Track List

  1. Pieces of Mind (RM 206K)
  2. Golden Days
  3. Running Through our Hands
  4. Keep On Wondering
  5. Keep It Down (RM 135K)
  6. Into the Storm
  7. One
  8. Timeslip
  9. * Keep It Down (first mix)
  10. * Keep On Wondering (first mix)
  11. * Into the Storm (first mix)
  12. * Pieces of Mind (first mix)
  13. * One (first mix)

* Available on the Universal Records 2003 CD  re-release


Can you make out the bicycle on this album cover?















Blurry Flora







Jack Bruce:
All vocals, bass, piano, clavinet, Fender piano, organ, harmonium and harmonica

Steve Hunter: Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars

Jim Keltner: Drums (2-6)

Jim Gordon: Drums (1, 7-8)

All music by Jack Bruce.  All words by Pete Brown.

Produced by Jack Bruce with Andy Johns.

Recorded at Record Plants in L.A. and San Francisco.  Engineers: Andy Johns & Austin.