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Rope Ladder to the Moon (2003)



Track List:

  1. Never Tell your Mother
    She's Out of Tune
    (RM 95K)
  2. Rope Ladder to the Moon
    (RM 161K)
  3. Weird of Hermiston
  4. Theme for an Imaginary Western (RM 111K)
  5. Tickets to Waterfalls
  6. Things We Like
  7. Folk Song (RM 85K)
  8. You Burned the Tables On
  9. Can You Follow (RM 202K)
  10. Morning Story (RM 90K)
  11. Running Through Our Hands
  12. Timelsip
  13. One
  14. Keep It Down (RM 135K)
  15. How's Tricks (RM 102K)
  16. Without a Word (RM 110K)
  17. Jet Set Jewel (RM 133K)

Rope Ladder to the Moon!





















Released by Polydor Ltd./Universal Int. BV. (www.introductiontoseries.com INTRO CAT .001)

All compositions by Bruce/Brown, except 6 by Jack Bruce and 11 by Bruce/Brown/Godfrey.

This album is a compilation of material from Jack's RSO/Polydor albums.  Compilation by Mark Powell.  Mastered by Paschal Byrne at Audio Archive, London.  Tape research by Zoe Roberts at the Universal Tape Library.