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Songs for a Tailor (1969)



Track List

  1. Never Tell your Mother She's Out of Tune
  2. Theme for an Imaginary Western
  3. Tickets to Waterfalls
  4. Weird of Hermiston
  5. Rope Ladder to the Moon
  6. The Ministry of Bag
  7. He the Richmond
  8. Boston Ball Game, 1967
  9. To Isengard
  10. The Clearout
  11. * The Ministry of Bag (demo)
  12. * Weird of Hermiston (alternate mix)
  13. * Clearout (alternate mix)
  14. * The Ministry of Bag (alternate mix)

* Available on the Universal Records 2003 CD  re-release


Jack's First Solo Album
















SONGS FOR A TAILOR is a reference to a young American designer named Jeannie Franklyn (Genie the Tailor), who used to make clothes for Cream.  Jeannie was a cousin of Phil Ochs, and was guitarist Richard Thompson's girlfriend from 1968 onwards.   She was in the Fairport Convention van after a show when it crashed on a motorway at night.  The FC roadie who was driving fell asleep, killing the young drummer of FC and Jeannie.  She died on 12 May 1969 in England.  Jeannie used to enjoy the way Jack sang the "high" notes.

Music composed and arranged by Jack Bruce.  Words by Pete Brown.

Produced by Felix Pappalardi.







Jack Bruce:
Vocals and bass (all tracks), piano  (1-6, 8, 10), organ (2-4, 10), cellos (5), guitar (5, 7, 9)

George Harrison: Guitar (1)

Chris Spedding: Guitar (2-4, 5, 9-10)

Jon Hiseman: Drums (1-4, 5, 8-10)

John Marshall: Drums (5, 7)

Felix Pappalardi: Vocals (5, 9), guitar (9), percussion (7)

Harry Beckett & Henry Lowther: Trumpets (1, 6, 8)

Dick Heckstall-Smith & Art Themen: Tenor & soprano saxes (1, 6, 8)