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Willpower (1989)



Track List:

  1. Willpower (RM 86K)
  2. As You Said (RM 211K)
  3. White Room (RM 227K)
  4. Rope Ladder to the Moon
    (RM 161K)
  5. Theme for an Imaginary Western (RM 111K)
  6. Never Tell your Mother
    She's Out of Tune
    (RM 95K)
  7. Can You Follow? (RM 202K)
  8. Morning Story (RM 90K)
  9. Folk Song (RM 85K)
  10. Keep It Down (RM 135K)
  11. Pieces of Mind (RM 206K)
  12. Without a Word (RM 110K)
  13. How's Tricks (RM 102K)
  14. Jet Set Jewel (RM 133K)
  15. Mickey the Fiddler
  16. The Best is Still to Come
  17. Ships in the Night


Jack and his Five-String Fretless Bass
























All compositions by Bruce/Brown except 15, which is by Bruce/Hart.

Songs 14-16 are from the unreleased album JET SET JEWEL (1978), featuring the personnel from the HOW'S TRICKS album.  "Mickey the Fiddler" was a real person who used to busk outside Camden Town tube station.

Tracks 1 and 17 are previously unreleased, featuring Jack Bruce (Vocals, bass, keyboards (1), piano (17), and cellos (17)), Eric Clapton (Lead guitar), Maggie Reilly (Vocals 17), Clem Clempson (Guitar 1), Peter Weihe (Acoustic guitars 17), and Stuart Elliot (Drums).

This album is a 20 Year Retrospective compilation.  Compilation produced by Bill Levinson.  Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York.  Digitally compiled and edited by Tom Ruff at PolyGram Studios.